Windows computer

Sometimes even a windows computer breaks down.
Most problems are related to software and can be solved right away.
If there is another problem, I will make the diagnosis and give advice as to what can be done.

Apple iMac or Macbook

Although an Apple is less likely to fail, this can occur.
With a Macbook, a repair is usually easier than with an iMac but after a diagnosis I can give an recommendation how this can best be repaired.


The main thing to break down in an iPhone will be the touch-screen and to a lesser extent the battery. Both can be replaced quite easily and I will carry this out at your home.
Tell me which iPhone you have and I will make a quotation for the repair.

Android Smartphone

Just as with an iPhone, the touch-screen is probably the first thing to break down, followed by the battery. An Android smart-phone can be a little more difficult to repair but that depends entirely on the brand & model. I’ll give you a quotation in advance and carry out the repair at your home.