Advice in purchase & installation

When the computer equipment has passed its fifth year it is written off. This is also the case with peripheral equipment, but normally this does not need to be replaced. When such devices do break down, however, it may be advisable. In the case of notebooks and to a lesser extent, desktop computers, it may be advisable to replace them.

But what do you need to buy to work with for the next 5 years? This depends entirely on what you do with the computer, what your wishes are and what your budget is.

If you give me this information, I can provide independent advice as to which equipment may be the best for you.
Once you have purchased the equipment, I would of course be happy to install and configure it for you if you so wish. This can save you time and stress. I can give you an estimate of the costs up front.

Remote support

Most software problems can be solved through an remote assistance. This can be the case with email problems or software installation.
By making use of the remote desktop software , I can temporarily take remote control of your computer, with your permission of course, in order to solve the problem. You can watch this session in progress, so you will see what I am doing.

When the software problem has been resolved I will close the remote control session and no longer have access to your computer.
After this support session, I will send you an invoice by email which can be paid through a bank transfer. The remote support assistance costs € 15,- per quarter of an hour including VAT.

Problem solving

When you have received my flyer in the mailbox some time ago, , you may have made a list of ‘problems’ that need to be solved. I would be happy to visit you at your home or office to look at these ‘problems’ together. In most cases I can resolve the problem immediately. In other cases, new products may be needed.
You can buy these products from me.

I can also offer you tutorials in one or two sessions to help you to learn about your new computer, laptop or smart device. We will sit around the table and discuss what you would like to learn. Based on this discussion, we can put a step-by-step plan together.
I will come whenever it suits you best on weekdays, during the day or in the evening. Saturday is also possible. If it is urgent or you can’t manage Saturday or during the week, I can also come on Sunday afternoon.

Why Martijns-Support?

I am your point of contact, there is no helpdesk and I will pay you a personal visit.
As a fully-fledged IT partner I’ll help with every problem. However small.